Nick at Nite playlist

During the development of the Nick at Nite network redesign, we put together this mix tape for the client to show the kind of sensibility we were proposing for the channel.

side one

· Fantastic Plastic Machine "Theme of Luxury"
· Cal Tjader "Moneypenny Goes for Broke"
· The Gentle People "Soundtrack to Life"
· Alan Hackshaw "Convenience Shopping"
· Fantastic Plastic Machine "S’il Vous Plait"
· 9 Lazy 9 "Spoonful of Slow"
· Mosezli "Sunshine"
· Syd Dale "Mexican Ding-Dong"
· Fantastic Plastic Machine "Honolulu, Calcutta"
· Pizzicato Five "Porno 3003"
· Michel LeGrand "Di-Gue-Ding-Ding"
· Stereolab "Refractions in the Plastic Pulse"
· Walter Wanderly "One Note Samba"

side two

· Walter Wanderly "Amazonas"
· St. Etienne "Shad Thames"
· Fantastic Plastic Machine "Mr. Fantasy’s Love Song"
· Syd Dale "Disc-a-go-go"
· Pizzicato Five "Collision and Improvisation"
· Bernie Green & Orchestra "Ping Pong"
· D.O.B. "Some Kinds of Love"
· David Holmes "The Trunk Scene"
· Syd Dale "Beauty Parade"
· Stereolab "Diagonals"
· Bronco "Return of the Forgotten Groove"
· Walter Wanderly "Take a Chance with Me"