Where can you find out more
about Open and/or Scott Stowell?


Fifty Years of American Trademarks
edited by Eric Baker and Tyler Blik

Graphic Design: Purpose to Practice
by Scott and Emily Santoro
Prentice Hall


Layout Design: 100 Design Principles for Building Grids
by Beth Tondreau
Rockport Publishers

"Spin City"
by Jason Kersten
Manhattan magazine
May/June 2009

"Visual Communications Genealogy"
Communication Arts
March/April 2009


"Bierut, Rucci, Stowell Among National Design Award Winners"
by Stephanie Murg
May 8th, 2008

"The Complete Package"
by Scott Boylston
Laurence King

"Face Up: Good"

Folio magazine
January 2008

"For Rent"
by Jennifer Kabat
Frieze magazine
July 2008

"For People Who Give A Damn!
Some GOOD news"

by Catherine Talese
Grids: The Official SPD Blog
September 11th, 2008

How To Write Anything:
A Guide and Reference

by John Ruskiewicz
Bedford/St. Martin's
December 2008

Information Design Workbook: Graphic Approaches, Solutions, and
Inspiration plus 20 Case Studies

by Kim Baer and Jill Vacarra
Rockport Publishers

"An Introduction to Graphic Design: Poster Service"
by Jessica Helfand
and William Drenttel
Dwell magazine
December 2008/January 2009

Logo Lounge 4
by Catharine Fishel and Bill Gardner
Rockport Publishers

100 Habits of Successful Publication Designers: Inside Secrets on Working Smart and Staying Creative
by Laurel Saville
Rockport Publishers

"PR: Deals & Truths"
by Pam Williams
Step Inside Design
November/December 2008

"The Pursuit of Design: Scott Stowell at Cause/Effect"
Zoom In Online

"See Deeper"
by Jude Stewart
Step Inside Design
November/December 2008


Becoming a Digital Designer
by Steven Heller and David Womack

"CHAOS IV speaker profile:
Scott Stowell of Open"

by Michelle Lawson
Etcetera, the ADAC newsletter
March/April 2007

"Design For Good Week Ends With Good Design Party"
by Alissa Walker
December 17th, 2007

"Design Makes the World Move Forward"
by Yoshihiro Kanematsu
Web Designing (Japan)
October 2007

by Imin Pao
Pao & Paws

"From the Mouths of Legends: Quotes from Wim Crouwel and Massimo Vignelli"
by Alissa Walker
October 26th, 2007

"Gameshow Naturals:
Next: AIGA Design Conference"

by John L. Walters
Issue 66 / Winter 2007

"Keep it Simple"
Page (Germany)
December 2007

"Like they do give a damn"
by Jason A. Tselentis
Issue 63 / Spring 2007

by Michael Evamy
Laurence King

Logo Lounge 3
by Bill Gardner and Catharine Fishel
Rockport Publishers

"Loud in New York City"
by Joe Marianek
Brand New
April 21st, 2008

"New York Special Report: Open"
Between Art & Business: Design (Korea)
November 2007

"Package Deals"
by Brian Glaser
Visual Arts Journal:
School of Visual Arts Magazine
Fall 2007

"Scribble Me This: MS's New Logo Kicks $%&*"
by Matthew McNerney
Zoom In Online
July 28th, 2007

"Scott Stowell Does Some Very Good Design"
by Alissa Walker
December 15th, 2007

Times Square Spectacular:
Lighting Up Broadway

by Darcy Tell


"Good Film,
Shame About the Helvetica"
by Peter Edidin
The New York Times
January 1st, 2006

"I'd Rather Be Good Than Lucky"
by Nathaniel Wice
December 2006

What is Graphic Design For?
by Alice Twemlow

"Wrongness in the Walls:
M&Co. Remembered"

by Tiffany Meyers
Step Inside Design
May/June 2006


"Agency Roll Call"
by Roberta Fineberg
Create / New York City
Summer 2005

"All Together Now"
by Rachel Abrams
Adobe Motion Design Center
December 2005

The Design of Dissent: Socially and Politically Driven Graphics
by Milton Glaser & Mirko Ilic
Rockport Publishers

Volume Six

Graphic Design America 3
by Jenny Sullivan
Rockport Publishers

Introducing: Designs for
Making a First Impression

edited by Boris Brumnjak
Die Gestalten Verlag

"May the Type Be With You"
by Scott Stowell
May 18th, 2005

Stop Being Sheep
Speak Up: Volume Three

September 2005

"Why? A Conversation
with Nice People"

by Armin Vit
AIGA San Diego Y Conference
March 2005


Conscientious Objectives:
Designing for an Ethical Message

by John Cranmer

"Forensic Typography and the 2004 Campaign"
by Scott Stowell
September 10th, 2004

IdN Special 03:
Examining the Visual
Culture of Corporate Identity

February 2004

"It is what it is"
by Steven Heller
Issue 53 / Autumn 2004

"Macs A Key Part Of Controversial Anti-Bush Ads"
by Brad Gibson
The Mac Observer
February 4th, 2004

Re:think Re:design Re:construct
by Mark Wasserman
HOW Design Books


"Cabinets of Curiosity"
by Paul Makovsky
July 2003

"Going Global"
by Linda Cooper Bowen
Communication Arts
May/June 2003

The Leonard Lopate Show
WNYC Radio
August 13th, 2003

Not Teflon: MTV Design
edited by Jeffrey Keyton
Universe Publishing/Rizzoli

"State of the Nation"
Issue 111 / November 2003

Stop Being Sheep
Speak Up: Year One

September 2003


Branding: Digital Lab
Print & Electronic Design

by Mono

Creative Review DVD 05: Time
November 2002

Design Humor: The Art of Graphic Wit
by Steven Heller
Allworth Press

"50 People to Watch in 2002"
Graphic Design: USA
January 2002

"The Kids Are Alright"
February 2002

"New Work: Open"
zooworld.com graphics+newmediawire
March 2002

"Pix People: Scott Stowell"
Photo District News
October 2002

"Profile: Open"
October 2002

September 2002

"Who's Fast in New York"
February 2002


"Accident Grotesk"
by Scott Stowell
Trace: AIGA Journal of Design
January 2001

Communication Arts
March/April 2001

"Interview with Open:
A Design Studio"
+81 Creators on the Line:
Autumn 2001

"Letter from New York"
by Scott Stowell
Graphics International
Issue 92 / December 2001

Logo Design that Works
by Lisa Silver
Rockport Publishers

Magazine Design that Works
by Stacey King
Rockport Publishers

"Outta Sight Sites"
Society of Graphic Designers of Canada, Vancouver Chapter Bulletin
November 2001

"TV Culture"
Graphics International
Issue 86 / June 2001


"aMagazine Logo Redesign"

commarts.com Exhibit Online
August 2000

"Conference Review: ATypI Boston"
Communication Arts
January/February 2000

"High Five"
Graphics International
Issue 77 / September 2000

Issues: New Magazine Design
Jeremy Leslie + Lewis Blackwell
Gingko Press

"Museum on a Roll with Bus"
New York Daily News
May 3, 2000


"All Right on the Nite"
April 1999

Less is More: The New Simplicity in Graphic Design
by Steven Heller
Rockport Publishers

Magazine Design
edited by Chris Foges

"Press Clips: Ahead of the Times"
The Village Voice
February 2, 1999


Typographics 3: Global Vision
edited by Roger Walton


Magazine Editorial Graphics
Edited by Kaoru Yamashita
PIE Books


"Best if Used by November 5, 1996"
October 1996


"42d Street Says Move Over Soho"
The New York Times
July 7, 1994


"In Times Square,
Art Conquers Kung Fu"
The New York Times
July 7, 1993

"Perfect Timing"
Arts & Entertainment
June, 1993

"Young Creators of the United States: M&Co."
Portfolio (Japan)
1993, no. 49


"Big Ideas on Small Budgets"
February 1992

Graphic Design: New York
by Steven Heller
Rockport Publishers

"New York States of Mind"
Design (UK)
January 1992

"Sensing Colors"
Industrieel Ontwerpen (Netherlands)
November 1992


"The Greening of Graphic Design"
March/April 1991